The subject of buying gold jewellery as an investment has many takers given that other avenues for investing money have a great many drawbacks. The stock markets are extremely volatile and can no longer be said to a reliable place to park money. Investment in real estate too has problems and generally requires a huge amount of money. Banks give hardly any money in interest, and inflation eats up most of the money’s value. Gold, on the other hand, has managed to retain its luster throughout various economic crises (or perhaps because of them).


Gold ornaments do not drop in value over a long time period because this precious metal keeps increasing in value steadily. It can also be transported very easily in the time of an economic, natural or social crisis and can easily be sold. The other advantage is that this particular type of wealth can be used and enjoyed (by wearing it) without losing any of its value.


When it comes to buy gold Melbourne, there are a few things to be kept in mind so that it provides the best returns. First of all, it is very different from investing in bullion. All gold jewelry is not suitable as an investment. It depends mainly on the price you can buy items. It is also important to remember that this is a very long-term investment that will ideally give returns after many years.


If you are planning to invest in gold ornaments then you should always buy them from a reliable source. If you buy them used, like many people do it, then you should first have gold tested to discover its purity. Depending on where the gold ornaments have been made, they will have varying purities. Whilst pure gold is 24 karat, ornament gold in the United States is generally 18 karats, which indicates that it is only 75 per cent pure. If you can buy the jewellery from Asian or Middle Eastern markets then you will find that the gold is 22 karats. The purer the gold is the greater will be the money you get after selling it.


Gold jewellery that has artistic value, for example, something that has been made by a world-famous jeweller, will cost more to buy but it will also have a better chance of earning more money if you are able to build a few pieces into a collection. This is riskier and time consuming than buying regular ornaments, but there is also a lot more satisfaction to be got from it. Antique jewellery will also get better returns in the same way.

You have to be very careful about where you buy gold from because of the possibility that you might get cheated. Always Best way to buy gold jewellery containing this precious metal from certified jewellers and be wary of people offering what seems to be too tempting a deal to be true. A long as you buy gold ornaments with lots of care you will be able to get the best returns from your investment.