There are many important elements that help keep a home protected from wind, water, and other weather damage, but perhaps no feature is as underrated or as important as gutters. Without properly functioning gutters, a home can suffer significant damage, not to mention the negative ascetic impact that clogged or broken gutters have on a home’s curb appeal.

Therefore, it is important for homeowners to know the basics of gutter repair on their own. While installing a new home water drainage system may require the assistance of a professional contractor, most simple gutter repairs can be done without such assistance.

As with any type of project, it is important to plan properly and gather the tools you will need to complete the job. When purchasing replacement parts for worn or damaged gutters, it is always a good idea to buy more than you think you will need. Having extra parts on hand will help you avoid having to rush to the home improvement center in the middle of a job, and those extra parts can always be stored for later use.

Many of the gutters in use today are plastic, made to fit easily, making repair and replacement of individual parts much easier. Of course, it is important to achieve a perfect fit when replacing worn gutter parts, and the area around the repair should be inspected after the next rain to make sure the area is draining properly.

In fact, checking gutters is something every homeowner should do on a regular basis. Check the gutter line a day or two after a heavy rain, particularly looking for areas where water has collected. These pools of water could indicate a leak in the drainage system, and it is important to address these leaks as quickly as possible before further damage occurs. Keeping track of the condition of the gutter system and making necessary repairs as soon as a problem is detected is one of the best ways to keep your important investment protected.