In the stock exchange like the nasdaq, you will find this sundial company stock under the ticker symbol of sndl. This is the pharmaceutical company that is providing cannabis drugs and other derivatives related to that. It means that the company will be in good profit and also the revenue will be high. At present, the nasdaq sndl at is just the pot stock and so it is not the right time for the investors to buy. But the prices of the stock will increase definitely in the future and so the investors need to wait for it.

Why this stock is not good to invest in?

Basically, the sundial is a good company for the investors as this is having a market capitalization of 1.6 billion dollars. The company is having a share volume of 1.8 billion approximately and also the average share volume of the company is about 5.74 billion shares. It is the reason that investors are looking for this company’s nasdaq sndl stock but unfortunately, this is not the right time to buy. The 52 weeks high and low of this company is 3.9 and 0.14 dollars respectively. P/E ratio is approximately 33.3 and also the earnings per share are about -1.3 dollars. The company is not ready to provide the dividend to the shareholders.

Fourth-quarter results

The company has announced a joint venture with the famous company called the Sun stream Bancorp. Thus the price of the stock has jumped more than fourteen percent. The company has announced that the net sales in the final three months of the previous year are increased by approximately 7.8 percent. In the February month company did not match the criteria of the minimum bid price rule as the stock is less than one dollar. The company is a change from retail to wholesale and this is the reason that the negative gross margin is affecting the growth of the stock rate. The EBITDA adjustment is made by the company in the current fourth quarter which is less compared to the third quarter. The reason for the reduction in the value is because of the impairment and the net loss.

Why the Robinhood blocked this stock?

The reason the Robinhood stock exchange has decided to block this sundial nasdaq sndl stock is that it is not good in providing the profit. Since this stock is highly volatile the exchange has taken the decision to simply block and defend from its decision. This will help their investors to trade safely without any issues in the trading. However, the Robinhood exchange has said that this decision is just temporary only. Before investing, you can check more stocks like nasdaq ebet at .