Star fruit, which is also known as a carambola is an exotic unique fruit. It is so named due to its unusual shape of a star when it is cut from cross section. It is five pointed, usually yellow or green in color. Not only is this fruit eaten raw, but it is also used in a variety of dishes. Its taste ranged from sour to very sweet which are usually the large ones. It has very good nutritional value, rich in fiber and vitamin C.

Other compounds present in star fruit which make it a healthier option for individuals include quercetin, gallic acid and epicatechin. Residing in these plant compound are powerful antioxidant properties which is very important for human body.

How can you use star fruit in your diet?

This can be done in several ways which may include:

  • You can simply slice it down and eat it.
  • You can add it in salads for a better exotic flavor and to add a more color appearance to your dish.
  • It can be used in garnishing of different desserts.
  • You can make pies and puddings out of it.
  • It can be used easily in making jams and jellies.

What are the health benefits of eating star fruit?

  1. Star fruit is very low in calories, so if you are looking towards a weight loss diet, definitely add star fruit in your diet. Apart from low calories, it has a number of vitamins and antioxidants. It is rich in sodium, potassium, folate, vitamin C etc.
  2. Research has showed that this fruit can prove to be miraculous when it comes to the prevention of cancer in our bodies. There is a huge amount of fiber in carambola which immensely helps in the removal of toxic substances in our bodies thus reducing the risk of cancer.
  3. Due to large amount of antioxidants which are present in this fruit, it has really good anti-inflammatory abilities. It is strongly recommended that patients of dermatitis increase its use for a quick recovery.
  4. Having fiber in it and very little calories can aid in weight loss. Fiber also help to boost up our metabolism and this also helps in the weight loss.
  5. Provision of vitamin C through star fruit allows our body to produce more white blood cells which strongly aid in immunity.
  6. Starfruit provide our body with sodium and potassium which helps to maintain an electrolyte balance in our bodies. This leads to a normal blood pressure in our bodies, normal heartbeat and smooth blood flow.

What are some of the health risks of eating star fruit?

People with kidney diseases should avoid eating this fruit. Along with all the healthy nutrients that are present in star fruit, it also contains a toxin called neurotoxin which can reach the brain and cause neurological damage. Healthy kidneys can process and pass out this toxin very easily but it is not the case in people with damaged kidneys. Symptoms of star fruit poison may include, hiccups, mental confusion and in severe toxicity, death may also occur.